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Photos Sastec Mathematics
Mathematics is the language of the universe. Whether you’re a beginner or college major, our tutors can help you understand core concepts and perform complex equations. All our tutors are trained for Common Core Standards. We Teach Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Trigometry and any other topic related to Elementary, Middle and High School Students. We also Prepare for the collage exams AP Exams.
Photos Sastec Science
Science provides insight to the beauty of the natural world. From biology, to chemistry, to physics our tutors are ready to help you learn. We follow the school syllabus and help the kids to excel in their exams. We also Prepare for the collage exams and prepare for the AP Courses.
Photos Sastec Social Studies
Social studies are the disciplines essential to human decision making and progress in a free society - learn about geography, philosophy, history including World history, American History, European History, US Constitution Economics & AP Courses.
Photos Sastec Computer Science
Computers a fundamental part of communication, business and entertainment. Study with SasTec Academy to learn about Basic programming and Student should be able to learn Design, Implement and Analyze solutions to the Common problems in Programming, Algorithms and Data Structures. Our teachers are specialized in Object Orient paradigm and can teach Write, Run and Test Java programs and servlets.

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Every child is splendid and have their own ways to learn. Our Innovative high-quality online teaching methodologies will shape youthful personalities for endless opportunities. All our tutoring sessions are customized for individual student’s needs and will prepare for next generation standards.

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SasTec Academy is about more than just making the grade. With affordable, professionally delivered tutorial sessions we allow students to access a world class education from the comforts of home. The SasTec Academy virtual classroom delivers high level skills to students everywhere in the world at any time to excel in their studies and succeed in the workforce.

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