Computers need code the way that fish need water. Our global economy is dependent on computers, and every day new jobs are created that require knowledge of coding. But there’s a serious shortage of competent coders, and hundreds of thousands of jobs are unfilled in the U.S. alone because there aren’t enough people who understand how to program computers.

At SasTec Academy, we believe that every child should learn how to code, and we think it’s never too soon to begin. Learning to code is like learning a second language: the earlier a person starts, the quicker that second language becomes second nature. We want all students in America to be fluent in the language of computers before high school graduation.

We also believe that coding is so important to the prosperity of our country that we are willing to provide these classes completely FREE of charge for any student enrolled in our tutoring program.

Our highly qualified and well-trained tutors offer these FREE coding classes:
  • Algorithms for Kids
  • Introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Fundamentals of Python Programming

We start by teaching our students how to think in terms of algorithms, which is the computer scientist’s way of arranging activities into an orderly series of steps. Learning how to think algorithmically is essential for someone learning to code because the language of computers is just a long—sometimes a really long—series of orderly steps.

After students have mastered algorithms, we move on to the actual programming languages. By the time students have finished all of our coding classes, they’re ready to design websites, apps, and games. There is no limit to the opportunities available to students who take advantage of our FREE coding classes.

Many people believe that in the near future, not knowing how to code will be akin to not knowing how to read. If the world is powered by computers, and if those computers run on code, then it doesn’t make sense to limit your child’s opportunities by skipping the coding classes.

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