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Score high in Computer Science Exams with SasTec Academy

For scoring well in Computer Science exams, understanding the different aspects of coding and logically analyzing computer programs is very important. Our online tutors at SasTec Academy thus, help students understand CS in a practical and convenient manner.

By helping our students understand fundamental topics involving problem solving, design strategies and methodologies, data structures, approaches to processing data via algorithms), analysis of potential solutions, and the ethical and social implications of computing, our online teachers are present 24/7 for helping them completing homework and providing other support.

Clear AP Tests easily with our Computer Science Online Tuitions

At SasTec Academy, our tutors are available 24/7 to take queries and solve curriculum related problems from students. Our teaching programs are customized for every student individually and one-on-one approach to each student helps them clear all exams such as SAT, ACT besides clearing AP tests.

Besides, advanced concepts in Object Oriented Programming and imperative problem solving and design aspects of Java Programming are explained to students in a friendly manner.

  • Our tutors Sample test papers help completing projects and provide homework help.
  • Short-term assignments as well as lengthy questions are answered perfectly by our tutors.
  • Our online classrooms are designed for ease of understanding and for providing personal attention to students.
  • From small, simple problems to large, complex problems are solved within a few hours’ time and students are explained the rationale as well, perfectly well.
  • Exam model papers are provided for professional development of school students stating practical case studies for easier understanding of base concepts.
  • Not just for school students but also for college and university students, our online tutors provide homework support 24/7.
  • Our tutors also conduct special AP Workshops for students who require special and focused attention.

On the whole, our computer science trainings are extremely specific to students’ needs and primary focus is on helping students crack computer science exams in schools and/or colleges respectively.

Advanced Java Programming and Big Data Training: Simplified

Our tutors are well versed with AP Credit Policies for students and understand how much weightage should be given to which aspect of computer science teaching.

Concepts in Data Warehousing, Data Mining, ERP and all other MIS related problems are explained to students elaborately with focus on creating a strong foundation in object oriented programming (OOPS) Concepts.

Besides Advanced Java and Big Data, advanced trainings in C, C++, Database Management, Data Structures and Web Technologies which are relevant for AP Tests and other international certifications and exams are also taught by our online tutors.

What’s included in our training sessions for students?

  • Evaluation of school or college syllabus and systematic planning for study schedule.
  • Exam preparations in detail with several hours of personal attention.
  • 24/7 availability and access from all parts of the world.

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