Elementary School

Young minds need consistent nurturing. Especially children below 10 years of age tend to pick up what they are taught much faster if taught effectively.

For subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Computer Science and Social Studies, finding a tutor who lives close by and yet charges a small fee may be quite difficult. This is exactly where you could depend upon SasTec Academy as we provide online tutoring services for students across the world, more specifically U.S and Canada.

We provide homework support, online tutoring, algebra help as well as top level mentoring for the ultra-young minds.

We make Elementary school fun to study in

Children at this age usually learn faster if they are taught using practical examples. Especially because this is the correct time to build a strong foundation for the coming years when they join the Middle School and eventually, High School, we take special care to support and care for them.

Our online tutoring for Elementary School students includes much more than just providing them homework answers! We provide them help that goes a long way and strengthens their roots in the selected subject.

We simplify elementary school curriculum

Your child may often find it difficult understanding complex math problems and science concepts. In such a situation, learning from our tutors may be a great choice as we simplify complex concepts and explain the same to our students in a highly relatable way.

At SasTec Academy we have made tremendous efforts to simplify elementary school syllabus and have ideas and strategies for students of all grades.

Our Tutors follow a unique methodology. Some aspects of our online tutoring are as below:

  • We teach on days when the child is 100% confident and comfortable.
  • We provide feedback to the student as well as his or her parent every week.
  • We provide enough time and attention for concepts to get absorbed into the child’s nascent mind.
  • We treat the child like our own and yes, we mean it! We are their friends and not just their teachers.
  • We teach our students by applying fun and innovative techniques that do not sound boring. We clearly understand that “all work and no play” makes students dull! Therefore, all our programs are designed to allow our students to have fun around math problems, puzzles and concepts!

Smile Please!

At SasTec Academy, we like to see smiling faces. Whether on video calls or over voice calls, we cheer up your child and help them lessen the burden of looming math lessons and math homework to a great extent.

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