Our Tutors Help Children Learn Today So They Can Lead Tomorrow.

We offer live one-on-one online tutoring services for students as young as five years old. Our approach to elementary school tutoring is aligned with Common Core State Standards, and all of our tutors are experts in STEM teaching.


Elementary school is the time for developing natural curiosities and building core proficiencies. But too often children fail to learn essential skills, and their struggles are compounded over the years. By the time they move on to middle school, they can be semesters behind their peers in reading, writing, and STEM aptitude. For students who aren’t keeping pace with their classmates, school becomes a place where deficiencies are exposed rather than a place for exploration and stimulation.

At SasTec Academy, our goal is to ensure that children love school on the last day of fifth grade as much as they loved it on the first day of kindergarten. We teach our students skills and study habits that promote a lifetime of learning.

Our highly qualified and well-trained tutors have expertise in a variety of elementary school subjects, including:
  • Common Core mathematics
    • Algebra
    • Fractions
    • Geometry
    • Measurements and data
    • Numbers and operations in base ten
    • Operations and algebra thinking
    • Ratios and percentages
  • Science
    • Astronomy
    • Biology
    • Botany
    • Chemistry
    • Ecology
    • Geology
    • Physics
  • Social studies
    • Economics
    • Geography
    • Politics
    • Sociology
    • U.S. history
    • World history
  • Coding for kids
    • HTML
    • Mobile applications (apps)

Because our elementary school tutors encourage students to work at their own pace, SasTec Academy students move on to more advanced coursework only when they’re ready. We provide continuous encouragement and positive reinforcement, and we work hard to simplify difficult concepts. Our flexible scheduling options allow your child to receive homework help at convenient times, including mornings, evenings, and weekends.

We believe that parental involvement is an integral part of our elementary school tutoring program, so we provide parents with regular, detailed reports on their children’s progress. We want parents to watch their children sprout and blossom.

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, better known as the “Nation’s Report Card,” only forty percent of fourth graders are proficient in math, thirty- eight percent are proficient in science, and thirty-six percent are proficient in reading. And those numbers get even worse by the eighth grade. That means that U.S. schools are failing the vast majority of American students.

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