High School

This is the most challenging phase in the life of any teenager as being in high school involves studying hard, understanding complex math, science and studying language concepts.

At High school, parents may face difficulty in assisting their children as several concepts may be too difficult. Especially finding Home tutors, online Math help, Homework support and training their children for SAT/ACT or AP Tests becomes quite a challenge.

So in such a situation, online tutoring by efficient tutors at SasTec Academy can prove extremely beneficial. We provide quality training and mentoring on Algebra, Geometry, Calculus and all other subjects that require intense attention.

How we teach High School students

Our online tutoring methodology for High school students is crisp and strategic. We do the following in order to provide effective homework support as well:

  • Interact with students regularly at a personal level to understand what concepts they feel stuck with.
  • Talk to our students and try to bring them out of their shells. For instance, several students may require serious math help, homework help and at times homework answers to score well. We cover all these aspects and help them communicate and write their answers effectively.
  • Coordinate with parents wherever required, understand their child’s math skills and provide algebra help that supports them in 360 degrees.
  • Understand the challenges of school education and support our students in understanding their dreams and aspirations. For instance, while some of our students choose math as their main subject at graduate school, some don’t. We therefore counsel our students to make the right decision as well.

In all, at SasTec Academy, we are dedicated online tutors who build a personal rapport with our students even before we have started teaching them the subjects.

Not just Algebra, but all subjects for High school students

We cover all subjects for High school students. However, the focus primarily is on math. So what do we cover in mathematics? Here are some of the following aspects:

  • Math Homework help
  • Homework answers
  • Algebra help
  • Live Homework help
  • Math Tutor chat
  • Help with Math problems
  • Calculus concept explanations
  • Algebra verifications and reviews
  • Online Algebra support for projects
  • Online assignment support in Geometry
  • Homework completion in Mathematics.
  • Science homework help
  • Science tutoring as per state standards
  • Computer science online tutoring
  • Computer science for AP Tests
  • Computer science object oriented programming
  • SAT preparation in Math, Science, CS and Social Studies
  • Social studies subject tutoring online
  • Social studies case studies and stories for children

And much more.

Several students write emails to us typically with subject lines that say “I need help with math”, “help me with my math” and even “please do my math homework”! However, we ensure we are not simply doing their homework but instead guiding them on effectively completing their homework as well as provide Math, Science and Social studies help for the long run.

Our algebra problems are the latest and some of our questions are tailored by our own math teachers. Even if they are tutoring via the online medium, the effectiveness of these classes are as good as studying from a teacher in person.

Not just this, the model question papers further prepare students to clearly understand the requirement by schools and hence help them clear these exams.

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