Middle School

Finding a math tutor who teaches them a step beyond math homework is a challenge indeed and especially more so, for children joining or studying in Middle School.

Middle Schools provide platforms for children where they can comfortably transition from tiny tots to smart, young teenagers. However, do they also provide support for subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Computer Science and Social Studies, in depth?

May be yes, maybe no. But think of this, if you find someone reliable, who could provide affordable tutoring online along with teaching advanced concepts in algebra and the likes, won’t your child become more confident? Definitely yes.

So what do we offer for middle school students?

Just like how we would have watered a plant which was on its way to becoming a Tree, we act as their mentor, guide and philosophers.

Students at Middle School typically need close monitoring as they require a strong foundation to surge ahead into high school. We at SasTec Academy assist them in this ordeal and help them break out of their inhibitions.

Highlights of our teaching methodology for middle school students

This one is surely different from online tutoring provided to an elementary school student or a high school student.

Consider these aspects:

  • A middle school student is just getting introduced to and delving deeper slowly into algebra concepts. So our math tutors absolutely understand this!
  • A middle school student requires support other than what is taught in schools. So our tutors in all subjects and especially in math, provide them math online problems to solve.
  • A middle school student is just beginning to understand how complex algebra and geometry problems need to be tacked. Our online algebra tutors and geometry tutors teach them unique strategies that no one else can.

Last but not the least, a Middle School student does not require spoon-feeding, instead requires directing in the right way. This is exactly why when our math tutors provide algebra help or when our computer science tutors provide programming help, they treat the student like an intelligent adult.

Can algebra or geometry ever sound fun? Yes, it can! Our tutors provide online homework answers, free online math help and practical math problem solving by using real-life examples!

We not just cater to students who need help with math problems but also support students who wish to appear for scholarship and other competitive exams such as the Olympiad. Of course, this is over and above the support provided for SAT Exams, ACT Exams and AP Tests.

In all, our online tutors are well trained on assisting students for whom subjects such as math and science sound difficult as well as students for whom advanced training is required for other exams.

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