Preparation is the Key to Success

Tests are one of the most intimidating parts of school. It’s not uncommon for people to have nightmares about them for years after college graduation. It’s not surprising that they evoke so much dread. Those tests can make or break academic dreams. The stakes are high, and the pressure can seem overwhelming at times.

We’ve spent years honing test-taking strategies meant to relieve some of that pressure. Part of the solution to the thorny problem of tests is to review—or sometimes to introduce—the fundamental concepts tested. If your child doesn’t understand the quadratic formula, for example, then it’s difficult for him or her to choose the right answer on a physics question that presupposes that knowledge.

In addition to helping your child study for subject tests in elementary, middle, or high school, we can help students prepare for:
  • PSAT: full exam (reading, writing, and math sections)
  • SAT: full exam (reading, writing, math, and essay sections)
  • AP tests: a variety of subjects

SasTec is an industry trailblazer in standardized test prep services. We’ve helped countless students earn exceptional PSAT, SAT, and AP exam scores. Our tutors ensure that your child has a solid academic foundation, then we supplement that knowledge with smart test-taking strategies. We provide cutting-edge study materials that incorporate the latest prep techniques for College Board exams. We guarantee that your child’s scores will improve dramatically with help from our tutors.

One of the best features of our test preparation services is that your child can access our tutors day or night. We always fit into everyone’s schedule. No matter how busy your child may be, we have the time to help him or her achieve the scores that will open doors.

We’re familiar with the controversy surrounding the use of ACT and SAT scores in college admissions decisions. We know that these scores don’t tell the whole story of a student’s ability. But so long as universities continue to require one or the other score, it’s essential to learn how to maximize those scores. There’s no denying that high scores open doors.

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