Our Expert Tutors Can Teach Your Child to Talk to Your Computer.

We offer live one-on-one online computer science tutoring services for students from K-12. We have vast practical experience in the field, and all of our tutors are experts in STEM teaching.


Computers aren’t just the future; they’re also the present. If you don’t have a basic understanding of the language of computers, then not only are you limiting your options for tomorrow, but you’re making it very difficult for yourself to function in the world today. Computers are everywhere, and you need to know how to talk their language to make sure they aren’t conspiring to take over the world (who says computer scientists don’t have a sense of humor?)

We offer computer science tutoring services for:
  • Elementary school
  • Middle school
  • High school

Our online computer science tutors know how important it is for children to learn to code, which is why we offer FREE online computer classes in algorithms, web development (HTML to Java/Python), and app development.

Computer coding for kids gives children a chance to be creative, builds confidence, and drives future innovation. Because learning to code is similar to learning a second language, it’s best to start teaching a child how to code early. And learning code acts as a positive feedback loop for other subjects. A child who is a proficient coder is also more likely to be proficient in math, science, and reading.

Our highly qualified and well-trained tutors have expertise in a variety of computer science subjects, including:
  • C programming
  • C++ programming
  • HTML programming
  • Java programming
  • Python programming
  • Data mining
  • Data warehousing
  • Mobile applications (apps)
  • Web technologies
  • AP Computer Science A
  • AP Computer Science Principles

We also offer assistance with computer science homework such as paper presentations, project development, research, and test preparation. For advanced students who require more focused attention, our tutors conduct special AP workshops. Our goal is to increase your child’s logical and analytical skills with computer science classes while at the same time helping to improve grades.

According to some sources, the smartphone in your pocket is millions of times more powerful than the NASA computers that guided our astronauts to the moon and back in 1969. If that trend continues, imagine how powerful the phones of the future will be, assuming that we’re still using phones and not communicating through the machines that might one day be implanted into our brains.

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